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Nall [userpic]

Current Mood:  Nostalgic
Vane's Spring

I saw the Ausa family today.
Of course, they did not see me. That would be too much trouble, at least for the time being.
I also went to see Mia and Nash's resting place.
I better leave this place now. Too many memories.
I don't feel like myself at all when I'm here... .

Nall [userpic]

Current Mood:  lonely
At: Vane

I found an eldery couple today.
They live in a small house, near the shops. Their grandchildren were there too.
The old man was telling a story. He talked of a great mountain, with lots of children.
He talked of himself and his wife being there, being happy day after day.
He was a Dragon Kid. She was one too.
Almost 70 years ago, they were children.
Almost 70 years later, they are "an eldery couple".
I'm the same.
The same.

If only... .

Nall [userpic]

Current Mood:  looking good
At: Meribia

Haha! If I wasn't so amused, perhaps I would think of feeling a little ashamed of myself. But then again, it's not like I'm doing anything wrong; just playing a little trick that has worked for the last 1000 years. Kyle was no genius, but he was very resourceful in his own way. Even now, his "Magic Elixir" trick still proves to be really useful to me.
What can I say, men just love their alcohol.
A couple of sips, a little push in the right direction, and the most stubborn of people will tell you everything you want to know (as well as lots of things you don't want to know, or would rather forget...). Not that these guys need much encouragment, anyway. They are usually too drunk or too eager (or both) to talk. Either way, it just makes it easier for me to get the information I want.

As for the actual news, it seems the Destiny and some of the fleet have been on the move. They were looking for someone near Larpa; really close to the Blue Spire. Plus, it is said the so-called "Holy City" (Feh...) has been a very busy place lately. I wonder... .
I also ran into a group of Vane merchants that had just arrived to Meribia, with some very interesting bits of information. It seems trouble has been brewing there too. I guess I ought to pay a visit to see how the Ausa family is doing. I heard the heir to the Guild is nothing like Mia. At all. She sounds more like a Ramus wannabe or something... .

Nall [userpic]

Current Mood:  Serious
At: Zulan

As expected, things look everything but pretty in Zulan. And to think this is all because of my power...! (Umm... I wonder if I should feel proud of myself? Hehe...). I would love to help, but right now there is nothing I can do; and being away from the children for too long is not a good idea at the moment. Those bastards from the Shadow Cult seem to be roaming around again.
Argh, I wish I could get them with my real form. Now that would be fun.
Well, time to go back. If I hurry, there will be plenty of time to stop by Meribia and check the new rumors.

Nall [userpic]

Current Mood: hehehe...
At: Meribia - Taben's Peak Road

The kids have brought some interesting news this afternoon, as expected. Every time a big ship comes to Meribia, so do the big news; tough the ship alone is enough to have the kids running to Meribia. Haha, they get excited so easily! Sometimes I wish I was like that too. When you have lived for so many years, there are few things that can actually surprise you.
Lately, I have been feeling a little odd. I thought I was getting sick or something, but after hearing the merchant's tales about a blue light a few days ago, and the mysterious blizzard in Zulan, everything started to make some sense... sort of. I think this is some kind of aura. A strange magical presence in the air... and it's clashing with our - the Dragon Tribe - powers. Most likely, that "weird blizzard" is because of the disturbance that magic is causing in the White Dragon's powers.
I never lost control of my powers before, so I'm not really sure, but... . Ah, anyway, it's not my fault! At least not only my fault... .
I guess I ought to go and take a look... .

Nall [userpic]

Current Mood:  anxious
At: Taben's Peak

I can feel it; there is no mistake.
Finally, the time has come. She said it would, and so it did. And so it begins... .
And just when I was getting bored, too. All this peace is a good thing, but I would rather be out there than just sitting here. I know the kids need me, but hey, one thousand years of just "sitting-and-seeing-time-fly" is just... argh.
even having Ghaleon around again would be nice for a change.

Things are going to get interesting from now on. I guess I should be on the move, just not yet.
For now, I will stick to Luna's advice.

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